A month of drawing and applications

So, the move is done. The only casualties were my poor, beautiful flat files that would not fit down the basement steps. Yet the went to a better place, my friend/print master from Whole Hog Editions picked them up today. A New Life to you my flat and glorious friends!

Stick around till after the New Year for a bunch of new prints coming from this exchange. 

Between the rumblings before the terrible two's and enough pots of coffee to give me an eye twitch, I have been working on drawings (4 new/old prints! ). I created a similar series when I got to grad school. Shown below:

waters II, detail, 18" x 24",   redeemed print, 2009    

waters II, detail, 18" x 24", redeemed print, 2009


waters II, detail, 18" x 24",   redeemed print, 2009

waters II, detail, 18" x 24", redeemed print, 2009

By working concurrently on two series of works, I can shift my focus in a way which makes the most of my studio time. I am applying for some residencies to complete a new series of drawings similar to these (more to come soon). Also, I have a body of textile pieces ready and waiting to be exhibited again.Following my two solo exhibitions this year, Plenum Space Gallery, KC and Octagon Community Gallery, Ames, IA.  All in all the upcoming year is looking bright... 

Here is a bit of my beautiful baby to show you what I do with the other 3/4 of my day.

Photo Credit: Zach Reinhart   

Photo Credit: Zach Reinhart