Made Today

The weekend was the wonderful Maker Event called MadeToday at ISU Design West. Saturday from 10 am - 6pm ten or so artists from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota gathered at the wonderful ISU West ( a beautiful converted boiler building ) for a day of art making. 

The Challenge: 8 hours to make a finished work of art

The Perks: Donuts, all the coffee you could consume, snacks. Did I mention lots of snacks? 

Feed me and I am yours. 

I managed to make another string painting. 

ISU Design West_MadeToday Fiber Art
ISU Design West_MadeToday Fiber Art

Forms of Union: of joining, Found Leisure Suite Quilt blocks, string paintings, 2014.

The title for these series of pieces has come from a list I found several years ago.  

Yuichiro Kojiro, Forms in Japan, trans. Kenneth Yasuda (Honolulu: East-West Center Press, 1965)

A pdf of the full text can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. The list is on page 19 of the original text, page 23 of the pdf. The list alone can also be found here.

Richard Serra "Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself" 1967-68

The two lists on the same page, on Joshua Hart's Web site: