Studio Spotlight #5 - Forms of Arrangement: of surfeit - SDA Emerging Voices Award

I am taking a brief reprieve from my series Old Prints/ New Life to bring you some great news! As you may have seen on my social media, I was honored to receive the Surface Design Association’s Emerging Voices award for my work in the Fiber Focus 2015 Exhibition at Art Saint Louis. This exhibition was part of the Innovations in Textiles X Conference that my studio intern and I attended this past weekend.

Here is one of the pieces from that show.

Title: Forms of Arrangement: of surfeit

Info: 22” x 20”, hand dyed velvet, silk and gold threads

Price: $400


This piece was created using a technique that I have been working with for sometime now. It utilizes a water soluble fabric stabilizer used commonly in machine embroidery. Coupled with free motion stitching, I have created a piece of lush and abundant color.  


A note about the title: Forms of Arrangement: of surfeit is adapted from a list I found several years ago.  

Yuichiro Kojiro, Forms in Japan, trans. Kenneth Yasuda (Honolulu: East-West Center Press, 1965)

A pdf of the full text can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. The list is on page 19 of the original text, page 23 of the pdf. The list alone can also be found here.

Richard Serra "Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself" 1967-68

The two lists on the same page, on Joshua Hart's Web site:

This piece was created and exhibited in my 2014 solo exhibition home[maker]  at the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames, IA. It began with a piece of velvet from my unfinished projects box. (You’ve got one too) For this piece I used rich colors and luxurious materials to symbolize the blessings I have been given. Upon reflecting about my exhibition I was thankful for the gifts of my family and friends. I then created this piece from a place of hope and joy. 

It seems to visually resemble a few more pieces I have created as well. 

whisper of splendor | workings of light: MFA Thesis exhibition. Immersive textile installation. 2012.

a thing hidden, in progress. 2015.

How curious it is when the work seems to generate itself and you can learn to trust your instinct to create.  

The Ask:

I am so thankful that this lovely little piece is getting some recognition. This piece is a rich square of yellow goodness that warms and invites my attention every time I look at it.  Please consider having it grace your walls, reminding you of the rich blessings you have as well.

Also, I am pleased to announce that I have sold (at least) one piece from this show. It goes to a dear friend who had this to say about the piece

“I'm really drawn to art that has a personally meaningful sense of place and time associated with it. A lot of midwest/iowa-inspired art I see reminds me seem to be based on some caricature of the midwest as a whole that could have taken place anywhere and ends up being un-relatable to me. Iowa will always be a big part of my heart and I thought it would be nice to have a piece that was inspired by and in some way representative of Iowa that I could take with me wherever I move or end up eventually.” 

In addition, every piece I have talked about has stirred up some level of interest ($) and encouragement. Thank you. 

And don’t wait…

They seem to be going like hot cakes. 

Price: $400

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Thank you