Spring is here!

Buds are budding. 

Shoots are shooting. 

Art is happening. 

Some wonderful projects are coming together in my little piece of the world. Amidst great loss and sorrow I see wonderful new promises from God bubbling up all around me.

Next week is a trip to Lawrence, KS. Visiting the Spencer Museum of Art to get a better look into their Carrie Hall Quilt Block Collection. An artist talk at KU about negotiating the world of artist/mother. Visiting the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art to see the wonderful Gina Adam's current work, "To Honor the Unidentified". Along with the marriage celebration of an old friend. 

I wonder what the summer will hold. 

O yes, and I know am the owner of a toddler. (E turned 2)

Wish me luck and bring me chocolate.