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Between coughing my lungs out and several GALLONS of tea I have been editing my digital archives. It has been a pleasure to leaf through the memories of the past 4 years.

During this time I have been reminded of the great help that community can be. I would be nowhere if not for my friends and family working (sweatshop) hours in the midnight hours before a big project is completed.  For all those who have helped me, a BIG eternal THANK YOU. 

studio partners
A Slice of Light_Invisible Hand
A Slice of Light _ Invisible Hand

Past Works

As the End of the Year (and a looming deadline) approaches, I have found myself thinking about the pieces I haven't made. The half thoughts that never were. I have re-read my essay for my grad school applications (not as good as I remember it!) and have pour through old photos. 

I have been thinking of changing my process. Of trying something new. Here are some images that I just cannot get out of my brain this Christmas season: 

Rust Dyeing on Polyester

Rust Dyeing on Polyester

What beautiful Marks.

What beautiful Marks.

Process shots from my Thesis Exhibition. String Paintings

Process shots from my Thesis Exhibition. String Paintings

Fiber Art_KU_String Painting_Free Motion Stiching

Contemporary Art ( And Parenthood) - Bemis Center - Omaha, NE

Just turned in my application for the wonderful Artist Residency Contemporary Art ( And Parenthood) at the Bemis Center in Omaha, NE. Celebrating with a Chipotle burrito and my hero of the hour, my husband. 

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art has my utmost respect and enthusiasm for their decision to provide such a GREAT opportunity to artist/parents. No matter the outcome for me, I hail their new thematic residency as ground breaking and a breath of fresh air. In a world which seems to make you choose between a family and a life of making, the Bemis makes this home[maker] feel a bit more bright eyed. 

Now go make something.

Fiber Installation_ Thread painting_ KU Department of Visual Art

Made Today

The weekend was the wonderful Maker Event called MadeToday at ISU Design West. Saturday from 10 am - 6pm ten or so artists from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota gathered at the wonderful ISU West ( a beautiful converted boiler building ) for a day of art making. 

The Challenge: 8 hours to make a finished work of art

The Perks: Donuts, all the coffee you could consume, snacks. Did I mention lots of snacks? 

Feed me and I am yours. 

I managed to make another string painting. 

ISU Design West_MadeToday Fiber Art
ISU Design West_MadeToday Fiber Art

Forms of Union: of joining, Found Leisure Suite Quilt blocks, string paintings, 2014.

The title for these series of pieces has come from a list I found several years ago.  

Yuichiro Kojiro, Forms in Japan, trans. Kenneth Yasuda (Honolulu: East-West Center Press, 1965)

A pdf of the full text can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. The list is on page 19 of the original text, page 23 of the pdf. The list alone can also be found here.

Richard Serra "Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself" 1967-68

The two lists on the same page, on Joshua Hart's Web site:

Studio Work

Latest Studio Workings...

A big shout out to my friend Jennifer Drinkwater who helped me out these shots.

Leisure suit quilt block/string painting/abstraction[diffusion] - 39" x 5'

Fiber Art_ Leisure suit quilt string paintings
Fiber Art_ Leisure suit quilt detail
Fiber Art_Leisure suit quilt string painting

Latest drawings......a little obssessive, I know. Drawings made in the moments between watching a toddler, and trying to sleep.

Engraving Drawing_works on paper printmaking

Engraving, pen, silver ink, perforations. 2009 -->2014. Old prints/New Life Series.

Engraving Drawing detail perforations
Engraving Drawing_ works on paper printmaking

Engraving, pen, colored pencil, perforations. 2009 --->2014. Old prints/New Life Series.

Silkscreen drawing_works on paper

Silkscreen, pen, found textile labels. 2012 --->2014. Old prints/New Life Series 30"h x 22"w

Silkscreen Drawing_works on paper
Lithograph Drawing_works on paper

Lithograph, colored pencil, cut paper. 2012 --->2014. Old prints/New Life Series. 


Upcoming Exhibit... MadeToday - Dec. 6th, ISU Design West. 

MadeToday _ISUStudioArt

Made Today is a public art-making event at Iowa State University Design West that will showcase a single day of local artists’ creativity. Artists from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota will set up temporary studio spaces with ISU Design West to create original artwork from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6.

Public reception: Saturday, Dec. 6, 7 to 9 p.m. at ISU Design West, 1014 1/2 Design Place, Sioux City, Iowa

Exhibition: The artworks created during Made Today will remain at ISU Design West following the one-day event and will be on display through Jan. 3, 2015.

All artwork will be for sale. Twenty percent of proceeds will help to fund public programming at ISU Design West.

Fiber Sketch

A month of drawing and applications

So, the move is done. The only casualties were my poor, beautiful flat files that would not fit down the basement steps. Yet the went to a better place, my friend/print master from Whole Hog Editions picked them up today. A New Life to you my flat and glorious friends!

Stick around till after the New Year for a bunch of new prints coming from this exchange. 

Between the rumblings before the terrible two's and enough pots of coffee to give me an eye twitch, I have been working on drawings (4 new/old prints! ). I created a similar series when I got to grad school. Shown below:

waters II, detail, 18" x 24", redeemed print, 2009  

waters II, detail, 18" x 24", redeemed print, 2009


waters II, detail, 18" x 24", redeemed print, 2009

waters II, detail, 18" x 24", redeemed print, 2009

By working concurrently on two series of works, I can shift my focus in a way which makes the most of my studio time. I am applying for some residencies to complete a new series of drawings similar to these (more to come soon). Also, I have a body of textile pieces ready and waiting to be exhibited again.Following my two solo exhibitions this year, Plenum Space Gallery, KC and Octagon Community Gallery, Ames, IA.  All in all the upcoming year is looking bright... 

Here is a bit of my beautiful baby to show you what I do with the other 3/4 of my day.

Photo Credit: Zach Reinhart  

Photo Credit: Zach Reinhart


Goodbye Studio...Hello New Website!

In about a week I will be moving out of my wonderful little studio. A tough decision but one I trust is the right thing for my art/life/family. 


Installation for Maximum Ames Music Festival (more pics and thoughts later)

Crit Group @ Design on Main - every 3rd week through Dec. 

MadeToday  @ Design West  - Dec. 6th

Here is some yummy studio pics to get me through the week. Enjoy!