Catherine Reinhart

My artistic voice is one of second chances. I make fiber art, works on paper and interactive installations with discarded textiles and found papers. I am a pessimist compelled to create optimistic works dealing with the themes of redemption, connection and care.

Through the use of found textiles I communicate the power of economies of care. Economies of care run on small, simple, and repetitive acts which provide comfort, ease suffering, and connect us with each other. Similarly, I am drawn to the ritual actions inherent in many textile processes - stacking, sorting, washing, pilling.

My artistic process is iterative, and I work of several bodies of work at one. I dissemble, reconfigure, and react to discarded polyester quilts. I layer topographical maps, weaving drafts, and recorded data discovering the connections between disparate places.

Recently, my socially-engaged works rely on the communal actions of mending together. These shared experiences create unexpected ties and are powerful antidotes to an increasingly divided and alarmist culture. I am interested in a radical hospitality and a generous art practice which redeems the overlooked, cares for the forgotten, and honors the undervalued. 

Artist Biography

Catherine Reinhart is an artist living and creating in Ames, IA. She received her BFA in Integrated Studio Arts – Printmaking and Fiber in 2008 from Iowa State University. In 2012, she completed her MFA in Textiles from the University of Kansas.

Reinhart exhibits her work locally and nationally and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards. These include a 2015 Personal Development Grant from the Surface Design Association, and Art Project grants from the Iowa Arts Council in 2016 & 2020.  Her work is included in the Southern Graphics Council Print Collection and Archives at the University of Mississippi at Oxford, Mississippi and the Print Department Permanent Collection at Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto, Japan.

Catherine has served as a selected panelist on “Visualizing Place: A Conversation with Visiting Artists Featured in the Power of Place” Power of Place: KU Alumni Exhibition at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS and the upcoming “Figuring it Out: Truths of being successful”  held In conjunction with the Surface Design Association’s 2019 Conference & Future Tense 2019 exhibition in St. Louis, MO.  Her work has also been included in the 2015 Surface Design Journal and has attended several invitational artist residencies including the 2018 Pentaculum at the Arrowmont School for Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN.